Does it matter who performs dental implant placement?

Who performs dental implant placement and what quality of dental implants are offered by the dental clinics you visit should be the most important questions you ask yourself when coming in for an examination.

While dental implant placement is a surgical procedure commonly performed in dental clinics and offices nowadays, two important factors should be considered:

  • who performs the dental implant placement
  • what kind of dental implants are being used.

In the following text, we will explain why these factors are crucial for the success of the procedure.

Quality of dental implants – imperative #1 for successful treatment


Are you bombarded with various advertisements for low-cost implants or heavily discounted implant solutions? There are numerous implant manufacturers worldwide, making it increasingly challenging to discern which ones are of higher quality. We are here to help you with that. Leading manufacturers include: Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Astra Tech, Ankylos. These dental implants fall under the category of so-called premium implants. This means that manufacturers provide certification and a lifetime guarantee for their product. Unfortunately, this is not the case with so-called low-cost implants.

The surface of premium implants is specially designed and crafted to better adhere to the bone and promote osseointegration. You can be sure that with premium implants, you will have the support of the clinic where the implants were placed, as well as from the manufacturer if replacement of an old implant with a new one is needed due to implant failure, provided your responsibility is not at fault. Manufacturers of low-cost implants cannot guarantee long-term supply of new implants or replacement parts.


Skilled implantologist – imperative #2 for successful treatment


Aside from implant quality, you must also consider the operator, specifically the doctor who will perform the implant placement. What you need to pay attention to is as follows:

  • Does the dentist have a specialization in oral surgery or implantology?
  • Is the dentist an expert for a specific implant brand?
  • What implants are they using?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • Do they require panoramic and/or CBCT scans?
  • Do they plan the treatment digitally?
  • Do they explain the treatment plan to you?
  • How many satisfied patients do they have and what are their impressions?

Who performs dental implant placement – dentist and/or oral surgeon specialist?


It has become common practice for dental implants to be placed not only by oral surgeon specialists but also by non-specialized dentists. There are numerous practical courses where manufacturers educate dentists about the implant placement procedure, leading to more dentists attending these short-term courses and subsequently choosing to engage in implantology.

An oral surgeon is a specialist who deals with surgical procedures in the craniofacial region. During their training they encounter even the most complex cases of dental traumatology. Being practiced and prepared for exceptional cases, an oral surgeon provides patients with additional assurance that they are receiving implant placement from a skilled professional. During implant placement, it might become evident that the bone quality is not optimal, that there is a bone defect or a highly problematic cyst that needs removal. Cystectomy is a procedure routinely performed by oral surgeons, so it is recommended that implant placement by an oral surgeon be considered due to such situations, which are not uncommon.

oral surgeon dr. Marko Miličić, Croatia, zagreb

Who performs dental implant placement at Miličić Dent Polyclinic?

If you decide to visit us at the Miličić Dent Polyclinic for an implant consultation, you will be received and examined by Dr. Marko Miličić, a specialist in oral surgery. Following a thorough examination and review of panoramic and CBCT scans, he will explain to you whether you are a candidate for implants, whether you have sufficient bone or require prior bone augmentation, how many implants need to be placed and what type of implants we use, the procedure of implant placement and what you need to do post-operatively to facilitate quick healing. When you schedule the surgical procedure, you can be at ease because, in addition to the consultation, Dr. Miličić will also perform the implant placement. With several thousand implants successfully placed behind him, you can trust his expertise.

Expertise, numerous courses and the title of one of the esteemed lecturers for a reputable implant brand place Dr. Marko Miličić among the leading oral surgeons in Croatia and beyond.