Teeth whitening

Thanks to the influence of social media and advertisements promoting brilliantly white teeth, more and more people nowdays aspire to achieve precisely that – a radiant smile. Such a smile can be achieved through invasive methods such as teeth filing, but also through minimally invasive methods like teeth whitening, one of the most popular smile enhancement methods alongside dental veneers.


A lot of information on teeth whitening are available online; numerous tips are provided on how to whiten teeth at home. However, such DIY methods are often short-lived and entail certain health risks.

Professional Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening in the dental office is a safe and painless method that significantly improves the aesthetics of the patient’s smile in the blink of an eye. This method is performed using laser or light-emitting lamps that directly activate the gel applied to the teeth. The gel contains certain substances that penetrate the dentin of the teeth.


Did you know that with this method, teeth can be whitened by several shades? The results are immediately visible; there is no need to wait.


We recommend professional teeth whitening because it is the most long-lasting method. However, it is important to note that the longevity of the results is individual. It depends on genetics as well as the patient’s lifestyle habits and their adherence to the dentist’s advice to avoid consuming anything that can stain teeth, such as soft drinks, red wine, beet, berries, fruit juices, coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc.


To maintain the effect of white teeth for a more extended period, our experts can propose a method of at-home whitening that will help preserve the tooth colour achieved earlier on. After taking impressions for the custom splint, patients are given detailed instructions on how to use the gels applied to the splint. The dentist’s advice will help you keep your smile white for a longer time.


During the initial examination, we will explain whether you are a candidate for teeth whitening, discuss all available methods and why professional whitening is the better option.

profesionalno izbjeljivanje zubi u Poliklinici Miličić Dent

This aesthetic dentistry method is recommended for all patients who want to enhance the overall impression and aesthetics of their smile. It can be applied to individuals who:

  1. have healthy teeth
  2. do not have large fillings
  3. do not have prosthetic replacements.

If you are not sure whether you are a candidate for teeth whitening but you want to enhance the aesthetics of your smile, feel free to consult us! Book a free specialist examination at the phone number 00 385 91 712 9820 for international calls or at 091 712 9820 for domestic calls or via email at  info@en.milicicdent.hr.

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