Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of supporting structures of teeth to save them from falling out. It treats inflammation of the gums (gingiva) in the initial and advanced stages: gingivitis and periodontitis, i.e. periodontal disease. However, it also focuses on prevention and diagnosis of periodontal diseases.

Did you know that dental caries (tooth decay) is the most widespread oral disease in the world, followed by periodontitis?

Did you know that periodontal disease is the most common cause of tooth loss?

What is the periodontium?


The periodontium consists of:

  • gums or gingiva
  • bone
  • periodontal ligament
  • tooth cementum.

These are the supporting tissues of the tooth that hold the tooth in the bone.

Why is it important to clean plaque and remove tartar?


Plaque begins to form very soon after brushing the teeth. It is a sticky mixture of proteins and byproducts from food. Bacteria from plaque spread onto the tooth enamel. If it is not properly removed, it hardens and becomes tartar, also known as dental calculus.

Mineralized plaque, i.e. plaque, that is not regularly removed, leads to dental caries. Since it is extremely hard and resistant to regular tooth brushing, it cannot be removed at home. Professional dental cleaning quickly removes tartar in a dental office. The optimal preventive treatment in periodontology consists of a triple procedure during the same visit:

  1. removal of tartar – done with an ultrasonic device with the presence of water cooling.
  2. sandblasting – cleaning tartar in hard-to-reach areas between the teeth using a controlled stream of fine particles of sodium bicarbonate, found in a spray of water and compressed air.
  3. teeth polishing – smoothing the surface of the teeth with special pastes to make them more resistant to plaque and tartar buildup.

Tartar removal, sandblasting and teeth polishing should be done at least twice a year, or more frequently if needed. This combination of three treatments has not only a health purpose but also an aesthetic one, as it improves the appearance of the teeth, making them brighter and more beautiful.

Symptoms of gingivitis and periodontitis


Periodontitis (periodontal disease) is preceded by gingivitis that is left untreated.

– gingivitis: initial stage of gum inflammation characterized by redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums during tooth brushing.

– periodontitis: advanced stage of gum inflammation or chronic inflammation characterized by dark gums, periodontal pockets, tenderness upon touch, bleeding and recession of the gums, bone resorption, tooth mobility and loss of healthy teeth.

Since gingivitis and periodontitis destroy the supporting tissues of the teeth, the best way to prevent their occurrence is a combination of preventive treatments at home and in the dental office: proper and regular oral hygiene, as well as tartar removal, sandblasting and teeth polishing.

There are two ways to remove tartar:

  1. subgingival removal – removing tartar from the periodontal pocket.
  2. supragingival removal – removing tartar from the tooth surface.

Periodontology at Miličić Dent Polyclinic


At Miličić Dent Polyclinic, we perform conventional periodontal methods. We perform curettage, tartar cleaning using curettes below the gingiva.



Surgical treatment methods


When conservative periodontal treatment does not yield satisfactory results, surgical treatment methods are performed:

  • reduction of periodontal pockets
  • tissue and bone regeneration
  • gingivoplasty – reshaping of the gum tissue
  • gingivectomy – surgical removal of gum tissue
  • crown lengthening
  • bone and connective tissue transplantation (grafting)

Laser in periodontology


We use the BIOLASE WaterLase laser in surgical interventions for several reasons:

the procedure is more comfortable for the patient compared to surgical procedures with a scalpel.

  • faster procedure
  • less painful procedure
  • no bleeding
  • no sutures
  • faster patient recovery
  • tissue heals without scarring.


The use of lasers in treating all types of infections has proven to be highly successful. We have opted for laser application because it represents a minimally invasive therapy that achieves excellent results, better than conventional periodontal treatment.


The laser with specially designed tips enters the periodontal pocket to:

  • disinfect the working area
  • destroy bacteria
  • remove diseased tissue
  • clean tartar below the gumline.
periodontology, Miličić Dent Croatia Zagreb

Periodontology – gingivoplasty for function and aesthetics


Gingivoplasty is the surgical reshaping of healthy soft tissues (gums) around the teeth. Although it is a microsurgical procedure falling within the field of periodontology, it has been increasingly applied for smile enhancement in aesthetic dentistry.

This procedure is used when there is excess gum tissue around the teeth, which can present an aesthetic problem as well as difficulties in chewing and speaking. By reshaping the contour of the gums, asymmetry and malformations caused by genetic inheritance are corrected. Gingivoplasty is successful in correcting a gummy smile, where excessive gum tissue is visible when speaking or smiling.

The goal of gingivoplasty in aesthetic dentistry is to create harmony between the gumline and the tooth edge. It is often part of Digital Smile Design, a modern method of smile planning which represents the standard at Miličić Dent Polyclinic.

Gingivoplasty is usually performed as a stand-alone procedure, but it can also be done before or after gingivectomy.

Periodontology – gingivectomy


Gingivectomy is an oral surgical procedure in which gum tissue is removed. This is typically done when a patient has difficulty chewing food or experiences speech difficulties.

Neither gingivectomy nor gingivoplasty damages the bone.

Choose a healthy smile!


If you have problems with gum bleeding, loose teeth, tartar buildup, do not hesitate to contact us with full confidence. We keep up with the development of new methods and technologies in periodontology and implement them into our practice to provide you with the most effective and painless treatment in the field of periodontology. Miličić Dent Polyclinic utilizes periodontal methods for both oral health improvement and smile enhancement.

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