If you are suffering from a missing tooth, this problem can be resolved either by using a dental bridge or by implant placement. In the past, the most common solution for a missing tooth was to create a dental bridge by grinding down adjacent teeth which would also serve as the support for the bridge to replace the missing tooth. Nowadays, the method of replacing a missing tooth with an implant is becoming increasingly popular. Implant placement is a quick and painless surgical procedure in which a titanium screw is inserted into the bone, providing a permanent prosthetic solution.

What do the procedures look like?

* for the fabrication of a dental bridge on natural teeth, it takes only a few days. Between the first appointment, during which the teeth are prepared and impressions are taken, and the final appointment where ceramic crowns are fixed, it requires only a few visits for trials to ensure that aesthetic and functional parameters are at the highest possible level.

* after implant placement, it is necessary to wait for 3-6 months for the implant to integrate into the bone. After the osseointegration process, a titanium or zirconia superstructure is placed on the implant, serving as a support and ultimately carrying the ceramic crown.

When comparing both options, a dental bridge and a crown on an implant represent equally high-quality and durable prosthetic solutions. If you are unsure which option would be best for your case, feel free to contact us and schedule a free specialist examination with our specialist in oral surgery, Dr. Marko Miličić.