Dental laboratory

The dental laboratory is a place where all fixed and removable prosthetics that replace or cover one, multiple or all teeth are manufactured by highly qualified people known as dental technicians. Miličić Dent Polyclinic has the state-of-art laboratory equipped with digital technology, enabling precise and fast fabrication of prosthetics.


We create digital impressions for our dental laboratory using scanners, which quickly send all important parameters and digital images to the laboratory. With digital impressions, dental technicians can produce prosthetics faster and with higher quality.

What types of prosthetics are fabricated in our dental laboratory?


We manufacture fixed prosthetics:

  • all types of dental crowns – zirconia-ceramic, metal-ceramic, all-ceramic dental crowns
  • partial dental bridges – replacing one or multiple teeth
  • full arch dental bridges – restoring the full dental arch, replacing all teeth
  • permanent (definitive and fixed) bridges on screws for All-on-4 and All-on-6 concepts
  • dental veneers.


We manufacture removable prosthetics:

  • partial dentures
  • complete dentures.


We manufacture temporary prosthetics:

  • temporary acrylic teeth
  • temporary hybrid fixed bridges made of acrylic for All-on-4 and All-on-6 concepts.


We manufacture trial models as part of Digital Smile Design:


We fabricate dental splints:

  • rehabilitation splints for bruxism – for patients who grind their teeth during sleep
  • protective night splints for All-on-4 and All-on-6 procedures
  • sports splints for tooth protection.

Dental laboratory – the place where your new smile is created


Excellent collaboration between the dental laboratory and the dental office, i.e. between the dental technician and the dentist ensures a beautiful smile.


For manufacturing prosthetics, we choose the highest quality materials and prefer:

  • zirconia-ceramic as an aesthetically and health-wise superior solution compared to metal-ceramic.
  • ceramic dental veneers over non-prep and composite dental veneers as a more beautiful, high-quality and long-lasting solution.

CAD-CAM Technology


In our dental laboratory, we use the newest technology.

CAD-CAM (computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing) devices of the latest generation represent the pinnacle of technology in dental prosthetics. Thanks to digital technology, dental technicians can nowdays create prosthetic work much faster, easier and more precisely.

Why choose Miličić Dent?


Whenever you choose Miličić Dent, you choose:

  • the expertise and experience in the field of dental prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry
  • excellent collaboration between dentists and dental technicians
  • top-quality fabrication of prosthetics in the state-of-art dental laboratory
  • the highest quality dental materials


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